Taking it Back LTD consists of a series of adventure stories about the underworld of stolen relics and treasure hunting in which a surprising final is always guaranteed. 

 The main protagonist in the series is Raul, a charming anti-hero full of tricks and short of morals who, always eager for money and challenges, ends up immersed in hazardous situations as he tries to outsmart everyone around him.

 Exotic sceneries, mystery, crooked characters, spicy dialogues, games, riddles and thrill are the main conductors in these adventures in which enemies, dealers and even Raul’s own partners won’t let him easily do as he wants. Each story aims to become a single feature movie.


This is a detailed portfolio website about the series of movies. Each movie is planned to be one story connected with one job contract.

Please note there are several menus and sub menus:

The General Movies Dossier  refers to the general concept for all the movies and main characters in the Taking It Back LTD.

Both The Strength Of The God Of Thunder and Blind Prophet’s Secret are separate stories and have their own dossier about their specific concepts, locations and new characters, omitting the main character descriptions or common points which are already in the General Movies Dossier.

The Strength Of The God Of Thunder

A westerner faces a race of risky games in Japan to steal back the legendary sword that for years confronted two Karate families.

Raul is hired to “take back” a legendary sword from a tenacious Buddhist monk. Martial arts and Hong Kong mafia are all present in this action and adventure story but the deceptive play between the priest and his guest thief, Raul, is the highlight.

The Concept

The Item & History

The Clients / New Characters

The Locations


Blind Prophet’s Secret

Forgotten riddles lead a couple of treasure hunters in their search for a secret copy of the Koran, hidden for hundreds of years between the mysteries of Andalucia.

Located in Granada, the south of Spain, a treasure hunt for a hidden first edition of the Koran runs between riddles and Islamic extremist adversaries amongst enigmatic and historic scenery.

NOTE: Blind Prophet’s Secret was originally written in Spanish, the dossier and screenplay are under translation/revision process.


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