For the locations I have chosen magnificent temples and shrines like Rengeoin Sanjusangendo and Fushimi Inari, wonderful highlights of Kyoto and the city itself with a festival and a warm Japanese tavern. The green and lavish Japanese countryside for beautiful aerials , a forsaken shrine near a waterfall and the main stage: the charm of a small mountain temple for our friend, The Priest. Do excuse me for two fictional recreations I take the liberty of exaggerating: first in an exquisite appetizer in Hong Kong, a luxurious mansion for the international crime meeting that is not proper of this time. Secondly and even more exaggerated, an outstanding building in Kyoto for Tazawa’s extreme Karate school which is not realistic to the budget of any Martial Arts association in Japan, as far as I know.

Hong Kong Mobster Palace


Kanazawa Old Temple

Fushimi Inari Shrine and Mountain Path

Sanjusangendo Temple

Japanese Tavern (Izakaya)